HPC on Demand

Enterprise HPC for organisations of all sizes with Constellation from ConstelCom. Best in class on-premises HPC. No cluster, no cloud – Simple.

Turbocharge users and projects with true supercomputing at their command, fostering collaborative exploration and insight for your business stakeholders.

Experience Constellation in your own environment, no IT skills required.  Sign-up and start discovering.

What does ConstelCom deliver for you?

ConstelCom enables open-access collaborative on-premises, secure, HPC services for users.


Easy and fast account sign-up

Secure and

Full dashboard view of activity

Onboard new users & projects in minutes


Manage HPC resources, projects and users in one environment

Optimise consumption

Fully transparent reporting

Access from everywhere

Control Costs
Budget Management

Optimise user access

Real-time view

  • “I’m able to move faster and manage my budgets for HPC needs in a far easier way, we need that flexible approach”
    — Production Director, Car Manufacturer
  • “Our access to broader HPC power has meant we’ve gained project insight in a month for what would normally be a year”
    — R&D Director
  • “Constellation was designed from the ground up from a user’s perspective to remove current barriers to HPC access for all.”
    — Dr Nicolas Tonello, CEO – ConstelCom
  • “97% of companies that have adopted supercomputing say that they could no longer compete or survive without it”