Media Release

Presenting Constellation® at SC19 Denver

by Robert Hillhouse • November 12, 2019
Presenting Constellation® at SC19 Denver Nicolas Tonello will present Constellation® at SC19 in Denver on the 21st of November. The SC Conference brings together the international high performance computing community – a gathering of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and developers that is unequalled in the world. It is a conference that provides [...]

Constellation® – Bridging the gap between HPC Centres and Users

by Robert Hillhouse • May 17, 2019

HPC for all users and applications requires bringing together HPC resources and end-users of all backgrounds and skills.  Whilst HPC Centres offer state of the art supercomputing metal and systems expertise, end users are looking to get on with their tasks, their projects empowered under the hood by the tremendous power HPC provides to innovate, […]


HPC Open Access Solution Constellation®

by Julie Cumberland • November 29, 2018
HPC Open Access Solution Constellation @ Supercomputing 2018 - 11-16 November Dallas, USA This year, SC2018 takes place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre in downtown Dallas Texas. It's the annual event of the year for anyone immersed in the world of HPC and draws a global audience from a variety of disciplines in [...]

ConstelCom attend PRACE European Summit Week, Slovenia, May 2018

by Julie Cumberland • May 23, 2018
ConstelCom attend PRACE European Summit Week, Slovenia, May 2018 ConstelCom, the 'HPC open access for all' business will be attending PRACEdays18, with CEO Nicolas Tonello presenting on Day2. The European HPC Summit Week 2018 in Ljubljana will gather the main HPC stakeholders in Europe. Similar to previous years, this edition will also offer a wide variety [...]

ConstelCom launch ‘Constellation’

by Julie Cumberland • July 1, 2017
ConstelCom launch ‘Constellation’ ConstelCom announce the launch of ground breaking HPC open access solution Constellation. Developed for HPC Centres and HPC Users in collaboration with a network of leading specialists with many years in the field of supercomputing usage and management. Constellation is a gateway to on-premises (no cloud or cluster) high performance computing resource. [...]