HPC for all users and applications requires bringing together HPC resources and end-users of all backgrounds and skills.  Whilst HPC Centres offer state of the art supercomputing metal and systems expertise, end users are looking to get on with their tasks, their projects empowered under the hood by the tremendous power HPC provides to innovate, discover and optimise.   For this to work, the two have to speak the same language – this language is Constellation®.
Co-exhibiting with ETP4HPC, ConstelCom will be showcasing Constellation® from June 17th to June 19th during the ISC High Performance conference in Frankfurt, where more than 3,500 researchers and commercial users are expected to share supercomputing technology and products.  Visit our booth at the exhibition to see Constellation, trusted by Unilever, in action. 
Constellation® gives HPC Centres the opportunity to maximise the utilisation of their resources, effortlessly acquire and manage users, manage projects, applications, systems, resources and consumption all under one roof.  HPC Users benefit from a platform suited to all industries and applications, that provides access to private, secure supercomputing, does not require computing skills, promotes collaboration with colleagues around the world and delivers real-time reporting.